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About This Project

We would like to invite you to one of the most elegant districts of the Anatolian side Bosphorus Line, Vaniköy. We are in Vaniköy Mutfak, known for its nostalgic, gentle and spacious interior whose project design and application have been done by our team.


Our starting point when designing this place in Vaniköy, one of the oldest districts of Istanbul known for its old houses; was to create the feeling of “a place designed with items from an old mansion”. For this reason, we have included plenty of antique furniture and objects.


We love to redesign antiques to add new functions to those objects. For Vaniköy Mutfak, we combined original plates back to back and designed an unique lighting. Nothing ends or disappears in life; is transformed – we believe in this. That’s why we love transforming objects.


We placed the antique buffets that blink us behind the plants, dreaming that they create the feeling in the guests as if they “went to have breakfast at their grandmother’s house on a feast morning”. We’ve placed old rugs on the floor to add to that feeling.


In order to create the rampage and chaotic harmony of an old house, we used different fabric coverings in the mostly antique chairs and cedars that we picked. Lines, flowers, patterns … Isn’t the interior of the old mansions so festive with items accumulated for years?


We also used old objects while decorating the walls of Vaniköy Mutfak. We put the frames we created by putting the antique spoons together on the walls – we always say that the fact that an item has failed to function does not mean that it cannot be reborn with a new function. The cycle of life is so endless and so beautiful!




Project & application


Vaniköy, İstanbul