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About This Project

The cellar section of Akmerkez Macro Center is one of our most ambitious projects we have carried out in the recent few years. We have thought about every little detail, and we have enjoyed the process very much. Let’s take a look at the details of this special section whose project design & implementation was done by our team.


While redesigning the cellar section of the market from the ground up, we aimed to create mini-independent sections that reflect the own world of each beverage in this wide area, making references to the history, culture and roots of each of them in these sections.


For example, we created a display area for the whiskey section by stylizing a unit in which whiskeys are distilled. For this unit; made of real copper, we invited a competent copper master from Gaziantep and we gave him full responsibility. The resulting work made us extremely satisfied.


Again for the whiskey area, we created a “Gentlemen’s Corner”, inspired by the masculine character of this beverage. This small corner, which we complemented with a leather armchair, antique consoles and an industrial mirror, was placed in the area to create the feeling of entering the home of a “whisky person”, making a connection with that world and completing the drink’s attitude.


While designing the spaces, we face technical difficulties from time to time – one may need to think creatively at these moments, to “turn the crisis into an opportunity” and to produce solutions from what seem to be an obstacle. Our relationship with the wall in the wine section was shaped like this. We turned this wall into a display unit, which we could not demolish because it was a carrier, and it restricted us because it was located in the middle of the area.


Thanks to our Turkish map projection with small holes, we had the opportunity to exhibit local wines in Macro Center by placing them flexibly in the relevant place of the map according to their regions and change their locations frequently when necessary.


While creating the wine section of Macro Center, we aimed to create a catalog image. Just like a filing cabinet, in this section, which provides a well-categorized presentation, we selected the slats we used according to the color of the wine and supported it with led lights. The borders separated by colors allow customers to instinctively separate and choose the wines according to their color without even reading the above text.


For the Award-Winning Turkish Wines section in the wine section, we designed an area from tiles and completed it with copper lighting, in order to immediately explain that an Anatolian selection was offered.


The bar section we created for tasting sessions in Macro Center was one of the parts that required the most effort but we the result very much. Gross concrete in the bar section was poured inside the shopping mall. This huge concrete bar, which is poured and cooled into a fabric in order to give a wavy image and texture, became one of the most remarkable parts of the place with its amorphous form.


While creating the last part of the cellar section, where customers are only allowed alongside the sommelier and contains premium whiskeys and cognacs, we wanted to respect the ancient drink traditions. This special room, which has grape jugs and antique wine making equipment and is separated from the rest of the place with its floor made of old wood, was designed with a care that suits the privileged drinks inside.




Project & application


Akmerkez, Etiler, İstanbul