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About This Project

Located in Ataşehir, Fümeci Smokehouse stands out with its unique concept. This is a “modern butcher” project that produces its own smoked meats, whose architectural design and application we enjoyed undertaking.


The raw chestnut-tree table that welcomes you when you enter the place is a detail that you are not normally used to seeing in a butcher, but we like to surprise. This table, which shows itself as soon as you enter, not only offers a service area for those who want taste the products, but also gives the message “you are in a different place than the butchers you know” with its contradictory stance. Therefore, it is both functional and aesthetic.


While designing the Fümeci Smokehouse, which has two different sale areas, we opted to describe these sections with the labels we placed on the floor. Instead of placing them from the classical signboards, we separated the delicatessen and butcher sections with the “wood” and “cleaver” labels that we placed on the ground.


We also tried to break the routine while designing the cold room section of the Fümeci Smokehouse, which also sells wholesale meat for cafes & restaurants, where chefs can enter and choose their own meat. We aimed to differentiate the meat selection experience in this area, where we illuminate it like a stylized night club with food lighting.


In this industrial-looking space where we use epoxy on concrete floors and modern tiles on the walls, we have done something we love to do in our projects again and placed an antique console in the showcase to create a contrast. Because, although the place is modern, butchery is an ancient profession. We believed that an aesthetic furniture that emphasizes the connection of the butchery with its past is important to remind visitors of the history of this profession.


Thanks to our long-term partnership with Fümeci Smokehouse, we also redesigned the brand’s logo and undertaken communication projects for them; from photo shooting to catalog design. We are delighted that our graphic design team, as well as our architectural team, can provide detailed and elaborate work that shape the design world of brands as a whole.




Project & application


Ataşehir, İstanbul