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About No:3

No:3 Design started its journey as Turuncu Design & Architecture in 2004. Design had to be  ordinary but at the same time different and original. We have created our own language by mixing nostalgic values with modern techniques. We have reflected the perfect relation between chaos and order to our projects with mastery and a great sensitivity. Experiences we have gained in the world of design have pushed us to go further, push the limits and presented us our brand which covers every area of the design world in 2010. As No:3 Design, we put the concepts aside, we did not question the time and we just did our best…

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We are No:3. We are an office which was established with two partners, turned into a family consisting of 20 people and aiming to change the stereotypes rather than making ourselves fit them.


We do believe in contradictions, rejecting the usual, discovering harmony arising from chaos. Instead of producing repetitive works based on theoretical truths; we try to listen to the sound of every brand, every place, every corner, and we strive to embody what we listen to.


We adore discovering the joy in the nostalgic, adopting the energy that the old has unveiled while being transformed, analyzing the magic which comes out while the material finding its place, starting over with every new project, shaping the infinite power that has been created by designing, producing, pushing the limits.


Since we believe that our works must be presented in a holistic manner, and design is equal to creating a world, we care to treat our works as they were being carried out for ourselves whether it is in the project phase, in the application period, a corporate identity design or shaping details.


We design living, real, usable spaces with stories where the function and aesthetics do not have to make sacrifices for each other. We do our favorite thing in life; we produce. We are delighted to have been doing a job that allows you to touch, to understand and to explain the city for 20 years.


Just as cities do not age, but they bloom, transform and change; we are not getting old either. With 20 years of experience in our pocket, plus our eyes are being turned towards the mysterious new techniques and possibilities of the future – we continue to design.