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About This Project

One of the most popular venues in Istanbul in recent years and one of the pioneers of Arnavutköy’s popularization process, Any, is one of the works we carried out as No:3 as a whole, including its architectural project application and logo, and we are proud to deliver.


Any is an integrated place located in one of Arnavutköy’s classic mansions, designed with the idea of revealing all the beauty of the mansion, has a large service variety including breakfast and evening service. While designing Any, we proceeded by preserving the old elements and making small adjustments, never forgetting that we are in a place with a story and soul. For example, ceiling decorations and colored glasses in windows are among the things we saved only by maintaining.


We wanted the guests coming to Any to feel at home, have a peaceful meal and chat as if they were living in the mansion. For this, we made a choice that you are not familiar to see in a place like this and used curtains on the windows. The curtains are also used to make the place gets separated from the street, since the place turns into a night club later in the night. One of the details we chose to give the home feeling was the antique stove on the top floor. We wanted to keep the history of this mansion alive, which was heated by such large stoves back in time. We used lacquered panels on wood carving behind the stove. We completed this space with a one-piece leather armchair, a modern stylized version of the old cedars, located in the same section.


All the furniture in Any was specially designed and manufactured. We used Carrera marble, which we love very much on the tables, and leather and fabrics on the seats. With the sitting groups in different forms, we created dynamic corners that address different needs and separate from each other. We were inspired by champagne corks while designing the stools.


The big table on the top floor is one of our favorite pieces in Any. This huge 5.5 meter oak table was manufactured on site. This special piece that feels like a feast table. We designed it to host meetings, celebrations and big gatherings. We collected all of the various objects on the table from antique shops.


While designing the big bar section, which is one of the most remarkable places when we enter the place, we used metal and wood together. In this design, which feels like an old case, we aimed to achieve a brutal, strong and sophisticated stance.


Any’s logo was also designed by our Graphic Design team. As we always say, we love to carry out all the design needs of a place with a total perspective!




Project & application, corporate identity design


Arnavutköy, İstanbul