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About This Project

While designing Mathilda, opened in Akaretler and brought an innovative approach to profiterole, we have designed a French-inspired project based on the personality of the product they focus on.


Since Mathilda offers an approach that customizes and differentiates profiterole, a dessert known by everyone, in terms of both filling and sauces, we wanted to highlight this strongest aspect of the brand and emphasize the original manufacturing process. For this reason, we have created the production area in a transparent manner, visible from the exterior of the shop. We aimed to both arouse curiosity and reveal the unique attitude of Mathilda.


Inspired by the classic floor tiles of French patisseries, we designed bohemian floors. We have created an atmosphere in which the contrasts we create between the brutalist attitude and the sophisticated floor in the ceilings that we have left bare, emphasize and support each other.


Mathilda’s name also was one of our inspiration points. We thought of Mathilda, which is a typical French woman name, and made connections between the name and the interior design by placing portraits and busts of French women from the romantic period.


We thought that the seating groups designed by Michael Thonet, which resembled the famous Thonet chairs, which became very popular especially in France in the 19th century, would suit both the product and the name of the place; that is why we have made our choice like this. These classic-shaped chairs gave us the French patisserie feeling we wanted to emphasize.


While designing the display cabinet, we took a nostalgic attitude. While the display area, where we use wood and marble together, allows Mathilda to display the rich profiterole range of different flavors in an aesthetic way, at the same time, it strengthened the feeling of “once, somewhere in France” that we aim to awaken on the entrants by becoming integrated with the place.




Project & application


Akaretler, İstanbul