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About This Project

We, as No:3 have undertaken interior design projects of Austrian originated coffee chain Coffeeshop Company’s many branches in Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Armenia, Georgia and Turkey. The branch opened in Armenia, Yerevan in 2015 was one of our favorites.


While designing the Yerevan branch of the coffee chain Coffeeshop Company, which supports good agriculture with the motto “From the farm into the cup”; we have put the green use forefront. We have included plenty of green both in designing the platform and in the interior. We have combined the wood with contrast leather, emphasizing the warm feeling.


To emphasize the young side of the brand, we have used woods and metals together, without getting too caught up in the cliché industrial image. On the bar front, we have designed a surface that we have created from decorative metal ceiling coverings that were very popular in the 1930s America. These surfaces were produced in the state of Texas, America, were brought to Yerevan.


We have situated a huge version of one of the best-known coffee equipment as the first thing that catches the eye when you come in. This installation, specially designed for the venue, was chosen to emphasize the care of the brand for coffee and its sensitivity to working with good baristas and it is well-loved.


It is possible to feel our approach of bringing different materials together on the sign. We have reinterpreted the logo of the Coffeeshop Company for this project. By combining recycled woods, mosses, used coffee sacks and pieces from old Viennese newspapers, we have made this sign and become one of our favorites.


We know how the details complete the place and we strive not to give up aesthetics while looking for functions. For this reason, we ensured that ventilation ducts are not being seen inside the place by using copper and made them an organic part of the cafe.


September, 2019




Yerevan, Armenia