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About This Project

In the beginning of 2019, we designed the newest branch in Florya Flyinn of CarrefourSA Gourmet Markets, which we make interior designs and implementations of its many branches throughout Turkey. In line with the variety in the product range and the quality of the products offered, we have created an unusual market where we produce creative and aesthetic solutions with carefully selected materials.


“Market” is a place that has evolved and transformed over the years and has taken place in all our lives, often identified with good feelings. From the grocery stores of our childhoods to the modern markets of today, the market is a place that reminds you to choose by hand, cook and therefore produce, eat, drink – in short, with good memories. Based on this basic feeling, we have designed a bright and warm interior.


In the “Fresh” section that welcomes guests upon entering the market, we are inspired by the colorful feel of the greengrocers. We have designed spaces where the rich fresh fruit & vegetable range offered by CarrefourSA Gourmet markets can be exhibited.


We have handled every part of the market as if it were a separate shop, so we acted as if we were designing a large market, not a single market, and created small spaces that reflect the spirit of the product it sells. Fish section has become one of the best reflecting places of our approach. The fish designs in this section, which we have designed with inspiration from the shops in the Fish Market and which look like an old fish counter with their shutters being put up, were drawn by hand, just like gravure.


While designing the bakery products section, of course, we have determined the bakeries that we are familiar with as our starting point, we have modernized the concept of the oven we are used to. We wanted to feel the excitement of the transformation of the dough that was rolled out, by hanging 480 rollers made of different trees on the ceiling. We have modified the old Vespa engine and added a small display stand in the middle to strengthen the street feeling. With the “street simit” car we placed in the place, we have focused on reviving our memories.


We have also daintinessly designed the alcoholic beverages section, one of the sections where Carrefoursa Gourmet is most ambitious. We have used recycled old wood in the floor material. We have added a cellar / tavern touch by separating the floor from other areas with the material we obtained by cleaning the wood used in the facade materials of the old wooden houses demolished in the Black Sea. With the effect of the barrels and pallets we have used, we have made the warmth of the wood felt.


Speaking of wood, we would like to state that it is a conscious choice in this project to use as much wood as we are not used to in the markets where fast consumable materials and plastic packaging are predominant. We wanted to remind the importance of sustainability and the power of conscious consumption with recycled materials we prefer, while adding spirit to the space.


You know the dried nuts shops which we are all being pulled inside involuntarily due to the smell of chickpeas being roasted in front of them in the cold winter days. We wanted to carry that little emotion to CarrefourSA from these places, which are taleful and located only in the old neighborhoods of the city nowadays. While designing the nuts section, we set out from the storage cabinets of those shops and equipped the walls with them. We have created an area that will suit the market’s fresh and carefully selected products.


We also created living spaces inside the CarrefourSA Gourmet, such as the workshop area and the green plant section. We aimed to turn shopping into an “experience” by trying to place another detail and surprise in every corner of this 2000 m2 huge market. Looks like we made it!


May, 2019


Project and Application


Florya Flyinn AVM, İstanbul, Turkey