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About This Project

While designing Burgerlab’s Mecidiyeköy Torun Center branch, we aimed to offer a place that tells the Burger Lab correctly, with our design approach in accordance with the young & dynamic corporate identity of the brand.


While designing a cafe or a restaurant, it is important to produce creative solutions to make decorative touches without reducing the number of maximum guests, especially if the interior space is small. Therefore, we went towards the ceilings. We have identified Amsterdam as one of the cities that reflects the identity of Burger Lab the best, as our inspiration point and created a surprising and entertaining effect by positioning bicycles that are the hallmark of this city on the ceiling.


While designing the service bar, we have created a design based on the meat being cooked on the fire. With a grill-like lighting, we have got an image as if there were coals under the bar, so we have taken the lighting one step further and offered clues from the menu. We have applied the same touch on the signboard.


We have interpreted the open and semi-open areas of the venue separately. Based on the fact that the burger is a street flavor, to give a completely independent feeling from the shopping mall in the back area, we have included graffitis of Omeria in our design and underlined the feeling of a dynamic and young space by using different colored chairs.


We have used old wooden coverings in many different places of the space. This way, while adding the industrial design touches which is associated with the burger, we have also recovered the space from the shopping mall feeling with the warmth of the wood.


With the desks we have designed in form of a puzzle, we have emphasized the fun side of Burger Lab, and we have created a practical solution with tables that can be combined and separated when necessary. We have used the junction points of the tables for sauces.


August, 2019


Project & application


Torun Center Mecidiyeköy, İstanbul, Turkey